OX® Membrane is a complete line of membranes for any regenerative need. In fact, with regard to bone regeneration, the anatomical and blood supply conditions of the graft site might also
considerably affect the speed of the regenerative events. It is therefore essential to protect the grafted site with a membrane that ensures a more adequate time of protection. This is why the OX® Membrane line includes membranes having protection time periods very different from each other. All of them, however, are distinguished by a common feature: they absolutely do not need to be removed.

OX® Membrane includes a rapidly absorbing collagen membrane – BCG-XC30 – that protects the grafted site for 4-6 weeks, a membrane in pericardium – HEART – with a protection time of 3-4
months, and lastly, a long-lasting membrane in bone cortical (>6 months), characterized by the fact that by osteointegrating and sustaining total osteoclastic remodeling, it in actual fact behaves as an integral part of the bone graft itself.