OX® Gel is the line of bone substitutes in gel form recommended for all those applications, common in clinical practice, where a common formulation in granules would be used. Unlike grafts in granules, the gel formulation does not require any preliminary preparation. The product is ready for use and can be extruded from the syringe directly in situ, in this way increasing the asepticity of the operation and speeding up the operating time to save more time and so that the patient suffers less discomfort.

OX® Mix Gel is an aqueous-based gel containing small spongy cortical granules (0.5-1 mm).

It is suitable for all those cases in which a graft with traditional granular material would be carried out. Direct extrusion of the bone substitute also makes it possible to brilliantly perform refined operations such as the Summers minor sinus lift.

The presence of two components – spongy and cortical, which have two different average remodeling time periods (5 and 10 months, respectively) – makes sure that the osteoconductive effect is always wielded for enough time in order to regenerate the entire grafted volume.