OX® Granular is the ideal solution for many bone grafts necessary to carry out during clinical practice. The granular formulation is indeed recommended both for regenerating minor defects such as small bone dehiscences, peri-implant deficiencies with partially exposed threads, post-extractive alveoli to be regenerated for implant purposes, and for larger bone regeneration operations such as, for example, the minor and major maxillary sinus lift.

OX® Mix - In small spongy cortical granules (0.5-1 mm), adapts to most clinical needs. The small granulometry of the granules makes its positioning effortless, while the presence of two components – spongy and cortical, which have two different average remodeling time periods (5 and 10 months, respectively) – makes sure that the osteoconductive effect is always wielded for enough time in order to regenerate the entire grafted volume.

OX® Spongy - In larger granules (2-4 mm), was specifically created for major maxillary sinus lift where the larger granulometry makes filling the sinus cavity easy, while at the same time keeping the proper distance between one granule and the other in order to not hinder the physiological progress of the first angiogenetic events.